Free writing is significant for mental health. It is a therapeutic tool for decluttering the mind and fostering emotional well-being. In today’s world, where stress and anxiety often run high, free writing offers a simple yet powerful means of self-expression and reflection. This blog post will cover free writing, its meaning, and a free writing method using a Clear Quartz Crystal. We will also share Ruby’s free writing experience. So, let’s dive in.

What is free writing?

Free writing is a term used to allow and permit ourselves to associate freely. We write down the first words that occur to us and whatever makes us think of them, following the train of thoughts wherever they go. It can feel uncomfortable, especially at first. You may think your writing is silly or inappropriate; you may feel a strong urge to stop or control it. You will often be surprised, even delighted, by the liveliness and power of the emerging ideas and words.

Free writing provides a safe space for individuals to unload their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. By allowing the mind to wander freely onto paper, people can release pent-up emotions, anxieties, and frustrations, creating a sense of relief. These externalising internal struggles can help individuals gain perspective on their emotions, enabling them to process and manage them more effectively.

Free writing encourages mindfulness and self-awareness by prompting individuals to tune into their thoughts and emotions in the present moment. As they write, they become more attuned to their inner experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and their needs. This heightened self-awareness can improve emotional regulation and greater resilience in facing life’s challenges.

Free writing also serves as a creative outlet, allowing individuals to explore their imagination and tap into their innate creativity. This self-expression can be empowering, boosting self-esteem and fostering a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, writing can be meditative, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels.

clear quartz cystral free writing

A Free-writing Method with a Clear Quartz Crystal.

  • Find your journal or notebook of blank-lined pages.
  • Get your favourite pen and place it on your page or nearby.
  • Hold your Clear Quartz Crystal in your hands and close your eyes.
  • Take 5 deep breaths and feel your hot air enter through your nose.
  • Take your favourite pen and free-write; let the words tumble out.
  • Write anything at all; what’s on your mind? What do you notice?

After a while, you will get a sense of feeling lighter and brighter inside your body. You may even see things differently in the world. You will be more grateful for nature, animals, work colleagues, friends, and family. Just let the words, feelings, and ideas flow out of you with no censorship or self-judgment.  At first, it may seem that nothing is coming, but that’s okay, too! Putting pen to paper can be relaxing and relieving for your mind, and clear quartz crystals help your mind relax; this crystal is a master healer that helps amplify energy and thought. Start now!

Write whatever comes to mind that relates to this topic list. Use the first word of each line as a power word/phrase to help you connect with your Guides and Higher Self.

Remember to have fun! This is not a test. You don’t need to write for too long. 5 minutes is the maximum time before stopping. When you finish, thank your Clear Quartz crystal for being your companion today. Keep this journal safe. Freewriting daily will help you clear your mind and transform your life.

Here are some beginnings, choose one and have fun!

  • The truth is…..
  • I wish I had said….
  • I need proof…..
  • I went outside and….
  • For the first time…..
  • It surprised me when….
  • It was not used pretending….
  • A long time ago….
  • One summer’s day….

Below is Ruby’s freewriting for “I went outside….”

I went outside, and the moon was shining, yet there were scattered clouds. A storm was visible yet silent in the distant mountains, sending a sprinkle of mist to come and brush my cheek personally. Suddenly, as I felt the wetness on my skin, all my troubles seemed unimportant.

I was at a crossroads in my life, and feeling the coastal breeze nip my shoulders reminded me that the world was much, much bigger than the petty mundaneness of my life. Despite the pressure lifting off my shoulders, I knew my problems would not simply disappear. I needed to make a decision. I looked down at my Clear Quartz crystal and closed my eyes, whispering to the universe to send me clarity.

I reflected on when I was younger. I had everything methodically planned. I would finish school, find a decent husband, settle down, buy a family home, have a couple of kids, launch a successful career, and my whole existence would make sense. However, life doesn’t happen according to the Virgo step-by-step program.

No matter how much I planned, how many to-do lists I wrote, and how many positive affirmations I told myself, nothing ever went to plan. Perhaps my goals on my vision board were too lofty. Maybe I needed to be healthier. Possibly, I needed to earn more money. Maybe I needed to… I sighed.

Whenever I faced a decision, I always came up with the same ideas repeatedly, constantly procrastinating. I needed to escape, run away from my life, find out what excited me, feel laughter, smile, and delight. I wanted peace.

That’s exactly what I wanted.  I just wanted to feel at peace.

Suddenly, I opened my palm and looked through the polished, clear quartz crystal. I had felt the impending doom of entering my 40s and knowing nothing had gone to plan—but none mattered anymore.

I knew I was exactly where I needed to be!

Thank you, Ruby, just beautiful,

Here’s Molly’s

“I went outside” through the back sliding door. It bumped and squeaked as it rolled to the left, leaving a large gap to enter the patio garden area. The ground underfoot was hard and pebbly, and my feet soles felt like they were getting a rough sand river massage! I continued to walk, almost tiptoeing not to hurt my feet anymore. I could smell the BBQ the night before, lingering and wafting in the hot, humid air.

Many of the palm trees are overgrown. They provide heaps of shade and privacy in this small Bali oasis cottage, a timeless cottage set among the nature of the reserve. Small by quaint, our nest ticked all the boxes on the real estate buying list. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge, formal dining, and a kitchen that we renovated around an old white Belfast sink. Black and white was the theme from CoCo Chanel. It’s just classic, I thought! 

As I continued to walk through the garden, I landed at the front of the house, where three very tall Alexander palm trees stood. They formed a circle, and if you looked deep enough, you could almost see the ring of white fairies holding hands around the palms. A chance to dream and dreams to tell, I thought!

As the hot, humid summer rain fell, my mind was filled with glorious memories of happy family times and sad memories of lost and lonely days and days of grieving for family members who passed. I love this cottage and always will. Maybe one day, I will get to hold hands with the white fairies!

As you can see, freewriting will often take you to your most profound ideas, feelings, and memories. Free writing is a valuable tool for promoting mental health and well-being. Providing a means of self-expression, promoting mindfulness, and fostering creativity empower individuals to cultivate a healthier relationship with their thoughts and emotions, ultimately leading to greater overall psychological resilience and vitality. So, have fun freewriting with your clear quartz crystal.  Enjoy life and be kind to yourself.

“Just as free writing offers solace to the mind, a single act of kindness can soothe the soul, illuminating even the darkest corners of our lives with its gentle light.


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